La Roche Estate

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About La Roche Estate

La Roche Estate is a place of passion. Passion for beauty, passion for excellence, passion for the environment, and passion for a place that will continue to give pleasure through the ages.

When the property was bought over a quarter of a century ago, it was a poorly run farm with a few acres of grapes, 2 small lakes, an orchard and a swamp. The first job was to drain the swamp and increase the quantity and quality of the land under grapes. As in the distant past the Berg River ran through the property and an underground river still runs through the Robertsvlei valley. Many people said this was impossible. With typical aplomb we refused to listen to the naysayers and dug a huge drainage ditch through the lowest part of the land, which drains into the lower lake. Water always takes the easiest route and over a few years the idea worked amazingly well and today La Roche has 40 hectares of grapes under cultivation.

La Roche not only grows grapes of a superior quality that have contributed to many fine wines over the years, but its vines are an exercise in aesthetic beauty and closely managed all year round.

The estate takes it’s name from the huge rock in the centre of the valley left by the last glacial age. (Die Klip translated well to La Roche).

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